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There is great evidence showing the benefits of children engaging in art activities that keep them happy and active. Arts and crafts activities are also a growing trend for adults, but what may be good for the mind may not be good for the body. Many of these products can contain dangerous or harmful materials that are hidden underneath the fun activity set. At AM Testing we assure quality services for arts and crafts products. We offer a variety of specialized testing to identify the necessary regulations to have your arts and crafts activity safe for use.

It is a challenge to know the difference between a traditional toy product and a hobby item. They require different testing and regulations to be compliant. AM Testing offers testing and assessment to prevent costly errors and to achieve regulatory compliance.

Products may include: a variety of paints, crayons, markers, chalk, clay, craft kits, paper, etc. It is important to ensure that art materials will not be dangerous to consumers. Arts and crafts are used as a creative outlet by so many, so it is best to keep everyone safe. AM Testing is armed with expertise and can help keep your product safe, ensure quality and protect your brand.

Testing capabilities


united states

Use & Abuse TestingF963
Sharp Point16 CFR 1500.48
Sharp Metal16 CFR 1500.49
Small Parts16 CFR 1501
Flammability of Solids & Soft Toys16 CFR 1500.44
Chemical Testing
Lead in children’s non-metalCPSC-CH-E1002
Lead in paint & Surface CoatingCPSC-CH-E1003
Lead in paint & Surface, coating material16 CFR Part 1303
Prop 65
Total Lead & Cadmium
Phthalates (+BPA)
(LHAMA) Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act
(TPCH) Toxics in Packaging Clearinghouse


Mechanical/Physical Hazards of toysCRC, c.931 / SOR/2011-17
Flammability of ToysCRC, c.931 / SOR/2011-17
Chemical Testing
Total Lead Content in surface coatingsSOR/2005-109 (8HM) (Health Canada)
Total Lead Content in surface materialsMethod C-02.2
Total Lead Content in accessible materials (mouth contact)SOR/2010-273
Total Lead and Cadmium in Metallic Consumer products(Method C-02.4)
Total Lead, Mercury, and Soluble HM in surface coatingsSOR/2011-17 Sec. 23
Total Lead and MercurySOR/2005-109 (8HM) (Health Canada)
Soluble Metals


Mechanical/Physical propertiesEn 71
FlammabilityCRC, c.931 / SOR/2011-17
Textile Fabrics – Burning BehaviorEN ISO 6941
FlammabilityEN 71-2:2011+A1:2014
Surface FlashEN 1103
Chemical Testing
Migration of Certain ElementsEN 71-3 Part 3+A1
FormaldehydeAN ISO 14184-1

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addmtesting stars

We consider AM Testing & Services to be true partners. In addition to ensuring our testing fees are as lean as possible, requirements, direction and results are always clear and timely. Almost more importantly, AM Testing has been an excellent resource during our product development and selection phases. The additional support and direction provided have been instrumental in our process and it is simply invaluable to have a resource available for even the simplest of questions.

Tracey Matthews
Import Product Development

Roger and his team at AM Testing & Services have been fantastic in navigating the confusing test requirements for our kid’s product line and providing exceptional, personalized service. Since they are a domestic lab, we are able to pick up the phone and speak to someone the same day to receive answers to the various questions that arise pertaining to testing. We have also found their pricing to be more than competitive with pricing from overseas’ labs. Roger makes an effort to anticipate additional or new testing that may be required down the road with changes in the law. I truly feel that he is a partner with the required testing arm of our business. Needless to say, we highly recommend AM Testing & Services.

Nancy Schwab
Sassafras Enterprises Inc.

AM Testing was always friendly, helpful, and affordable whenever we needed safety testing performed. I would highly recommend them!

Ryan Hauge
Brick Warriors

AM Testing & Services has been testing my soft structured baby carriers since 2014. Always received excellent service in the quoted time frame, responded to my emails in a timely manner and were always available to answer any question over the phone. Roger and his team provide a tremendous help with my company’s testing needs.

Edit Hegedus

Working with AM Testing has been a pleasure. Roger answered all questions in a patient and professional manner. I have used several testing facilities over my 25 years in the furniture business, and I can say with comfort and ease that AM Testing was by far the best and most professional to deal with.

Mitchell A. Schwartz
Capretti Design

I’ve worked with Am Testing since 2015. I always get fast answers to all my questions. I appreciate that employees know very all the standards very well. The delay for testing is always respected and it’s something important for business development.

Andrée-Anne Perreault
Dahlia Wrap

We have enjoyed working with AM Testing. They are very helpful and knowledgeable. Super fast turn around on the testing that we need. We have done many different testing with them and highly recommend them. We will continue to use AM Testing & Services, INC. for all future testing we may need.

Amber Atkinson

AM Testing & Services has been a major asset to our brand by providing detailed safety and chemical reports necessary for bringing our products to markets worldwide. Their professional team has always been a privilege to work with.

Samantha Skolnik
oogaa Home, LLC

Thanks, Roger, for always looking out for my company’s testing needs. I really appreciate the thoroughness & timeliness of your reports and for helping us with our recent CE testing.Thanks for your advice and direction. Your team was able to help us get what we needed in time for our order. I would gladly do business with you again.

Angel Trichak

It has been a pleasure working with AM labs and we have tested several of our products with them. We are based in India and it’s very important for us to work with a company which is responsive and easy to work with because of the distance. AM has always lived up to the expectations. We look forward to working with you in future too.


AM Testing took the guesswork out of the process. They helped us design a product that is safe to play with and protects us from liability by meeting federal safety regulations. Roger and his team were very supportive of our project and provided our test results expediently, so we could meet our production goals. We’re extremely satisfied with their service and would highly recommend them!

Christine Shiel
Broom Maker

AM Testing has been a wonderful testing partner for us as we launched our first toy into market. Roger and his team have been incredibly helpful guiding us through the testing processes and providing safety insights that have been invaluable for Meeper.

Liz Eversoll
Meeper Technology

In 2011, I brought my first shipment of Bubi bottles to the USA and even though we used the best materials to be BPA-free, AM testing was highly recommended by a friend. They have tested the bottle for heavy metals, BPA, and claims of service like a freezer, dishwasher and microwavable. In addition to their testing abilities and high regard in the industry, they are also very knowledgeable about what is required in the industry. I am happy we were introduced.

Craig Madaus

AM Testing is a certified and professional team of experts. They are thorough and prompt and have a wide range of testing capabilities. They are the primary testing support for Y Line’s product development customers and for our own product launches.

Geraint Krumpe
Y Line Product Design

There are numerous testing labs to choose from but you will be happy if you choose AM Testing & Services. This company is customer service all the way. Being a smaller company and not sure of all the rules and regulations of our needs, they are up-to-date in every way and guide you through to make it simple. This company is A+! Would not think of going anywhere else!

Jane Shadle

Working with AM TESTING makes you feel like if they were part of your own staff. Their commitment to the collaboration with us is total, helping us to find solutions to every problem that we find to get the certification of our products. They are very efficient working and helpful. We are definitely cooperating with AM Testing in the in future for every new product that we need to be tested and certified. Working with AM Testing made the things much easier for us to introduce our brand and products in such a difficult market as the US is.

Marcos Garcia

Throughout the entire process of quoting and testing, I was kept aware of every step. Turnaround time exceeded expectations and the report were professional and at a fair price. I have no hesitation in highly recommending AM Testing & Services and Dan Bartel.

Tena Wenrich
Trinity Plastics

We’ve been very happy with AM Testing! They offer thorough reporting, extensive knowledge on testing requirements and procedures, and good pricing! What more can we ask for?

Eric Siegel
Tree Hopper Toys

In MEL Science, we develop innovative chemistry sets for kids delivered monthly as a subscription service. Certification of such product is more difficult because every month we design and manufacture new chemistry sets. AM Testing & Services did a great job helping us to design quality products as well as with testing and certification of our chemistry sets in a timely manner.

Vassili Philippov
MEL Science

AM Testing has always been extremely helpful with all of our testing needs. They are fast to respond and always very knowledgeable when it comes to our industry regulations. I highly recommend them if you are looking for personal and attentive service.

Ralph Montemurro
Monte Design